Advanced Uninstaller PRO Crack

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the perfect solution to get rid of unwanted programs. This state-of-the-art uninstaller empowers your PCs, removes unneeded programs, speeds up processing, and takes care of your privacy. Along with programs, this uninstaller automatically deletes the leftovers of the apps, clears the computer’s registry, removes the toolbars, and more single-handedly. The advanced solution is packed with a health checker that maintains the health and virus detector which takes responsibility for removing the apps left over. Free Download for Windows and get rid of unwanted programs along with their harmful leftovers.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO Crack

Version: | Size: 10.4 MB

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How to Crack?

  1. Download the Advanced Uninstaller PRO Crack from below.
  2. UNZIP the RAR file using WinRAR.
  3. Install the trial version setup.
  4. Disable Windows Firewall before applying crack.
  5. Activate the license and reboot the system.
  6. Done! Enjoy the full version features.
  • The Advanced Uninstaller PRO is free with automated updates without paying a penny.
  • Get a hands-over health check expansion pack that is all enough to keep the PCs healthy and safe.
  • Plus, advanced functions are right here to run the PCs at blasting speed.
  • It always takes care of services and windows registry to avoid nay hurdle.
  • Besides uninstalling, this software lets you delete the browsing history, delete files permanently, remove duplicated files, removes unwanted programs, and monitor the installations.
  • The real-time system offers temporary files detection feature through which you can get rid of the temporary and unwanted files.
  • Furthermore, the browser extension monitoring makes it possible to manage the history and clean whenever need with complete privacy.
  • With startup management, user is authorized to set the startup of the PCs and apps.
  • The uninstaller removes the leftovers along with applications.
  • Virus detection is quite awesome that never let in any threatening entity like virus, malware, adware, spyware, or third party access.
  • There is an addition of Windows log file removal.
  • Priority support is added for the customers to make them feel good in every problem.
  • New languages are added to make better understanding among users.
  • New cleaning algorithms are added.
  • Smart scanners are added to detect harmful threats.
  • The disk space utilization is improved and the restore point has also got some important improvements.
  • There is an addition of a recycle bin to keep the application leftovers and restore them later if needed.

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Product Information

NameAdvanced Uninstaller PRO
Size10.4 MB
DeveloperInnovative Solutions
Supported OSMac & Windows
License TypeCracked
Uploaded ByM. Aamir

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